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UHS Floor Polisher


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Ideal for maintaining high gloss smooth floors, the commercial Dart 3 UHS Polishing Head attaches to your suitable SEBO Vacuum and is as easy to use. The high speed rotation of the disc pad and the vacuum from the suction unit mean that it polishes and hygienically cleans at the same time. No water, polishing sands or chemicals required.

Sensitive Choice® Approved Product.

Suitable for
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo
  • Wood*
  • Polished Concrete
  • Lino
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • And some tiles* leaving no streaks
Featured in
  • Australian Women's Weekly
  • Better Homes & Gardens LIVE Sydney


The Pad System

The pad system involves the process of removing fine surface scratches, and working your way down to the ultimate shine.  The floor pads are coated with a resin containing diamond dust with graduated grain to ensure the perfect finish.

* Caution: Please check suitability of using a polisher with flooring supplier. Always test on an inconspicuous area first.

Blue Pad

Blue pad is designed to maintain soft coatings, like wax or oil, on hard floors, and it is suitable for daily use as well. It should be used along with a product suitable for the specific floor surface or recommended by the flooring manufacturer. 

Green Pad

Supplied with the UHS Head as standard the Green Pad creates and maintains a high gloss surface. For a Restoration process the Green pad is used after the red/yellow pads. 

Pad Colours

Yellow Pad

Used to remove finer scratches on the surface. If the yellow pad is unable to remove any imperfections its recommended you try the Red pad for a rougher approach. Once you've finished using the yellow pad, its recommended you use the green pad to begin bringing out a shine on your floor surface.

Red Pad

The red pad is the heaviest pad available, and is recommended for initial treatment (start of Restoration Process) of fine scratches on the surface. Once completed, you can move down to the yellow pad to remove any finer scratches on the surface.


Polishes Multiple Floor Surfaces

Polishes Multiple Surfaces

Microscopic surface imperfections are removed resulting in a shiny, smooth surface which is easier to keep clean. Suitable for Terrazzo, Lino, Vinyl, Laminate, Marble, Wood*, Polished Concrete and tiles* just to name a few.

No Water, No Chemicals, No Streaks

No Water, No Chemicals, No Streaks

Other commercial machines using diamond pads require water to control friction, but with the UHS polisher this is achieved by the automatic pad adjustment system. Because the UHS system is liquid-free, there is no damp which can encourage the growth of bacteria and other organisms, no need to seal off an area for cleaning and you can save time and cost of applying chemical treatments.

SEBO Polisher Rubber Bumper Protects furniture walls

Rubber Bumper

The SEBO UHS polishing head has a rubber bumper surrounding the outside of the unit. This ensures that all furnishings, walls, and any other objects are protected at all times from accidental bumps.

SEBO Hygienic Bag Disposal

Hygienic Bag Disposal

When connected to a suitable SEBO vacuum the top-fill, multi-layer bags ensure continuously strong suction. Sealed when full, so no dust can escape during bag removal and disposal. Asthma and Allergy Friendly. Sensitive Choice Approved.

SEBO ET Powerheads

Suitable SEBO Domestic Vacuum Cleaners

The commercial UHS polisher head is an attachment for K3 PREMIUM and FELIX PREMIUM vacuum cleaners. The complete machine performs two roles in one, making it a highly productive soft and hard floor cleaner.  

SEBO Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Suitable SEBO Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

The UHS polisher head is an attachment for DART Series vacuum cleaners. As easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner, the DART polisher has been designed so that anyone can use it: Male or Female operator.


Vacuum Cleaner/s:

Please view K3 Premium Barrel, Dart or Felix Upright vacuum product pages for details.

* Caution: Please check suitability of using a polisher with flooring supplier. Always test on an inconspicuous area first.
Commercial SEBO Dart 3 UHS Polisher Attachment


200 Watt


2000 U/min


Double Insulated

Floor Pad Diameter:

294 mm

Floor Pad Supplied with unit:

Green Maintenance (3230ER30)


*Specifications would change.