Building Biology – Vacuum Cleaners

Building Biology is known as the study of the impact that the man-made environment has upon the health and wellbeing of people and the application of this knowledge to create healthier homes and workplaces. People often refer to the term ‘sick building syndrome‘.

The aim is for a dry and well-ventilated premise with good wall, floor and ceiling insulation to help with triggers such as dust mites, mould, chemicals like VOCs, and temperature changes.

Building biology SEBO vacuum cleaners

Are you allergic?

Allergies occur whena person’s immune system reacts to substances (allergens) that are harmless to most people.

These triggers can affect:

  • Breathing – asthma and hay fever
  • Skin – dermatitis, eczema and hives
  • Eyes – allergic conjunctivitis
  • Whole body – anaphylaxis (rare but very serious)

Most people are allergic to more than one trigger and sometimes the response is different, so you could get itchy eyes around cats but a runny nose during pollen season. The severity of the allergic reaction varies between people and depends on the circumstances. A reaction may not be immediate.

What you can do to improve Building Biology

Carpet or no carpet? Timber or tiles? Vacuum or mop? Making decisions about the right flooring for your home can be tricky when your family has asthma or allergies.

Some sources say people with asthma and allergies should replace carpet with hard flooring. But this is not necessarily the best option.

Carpets can trap allergens in their pile, while hard floors allow the allergens to float around. Also, some modern carpets contain products to reduce mould and dust mites, which are common asthma and allergy triggers.

Removing moisture from the air is one of the best ways to stop mould growth in your home. 

Building biology vacuum cleaners

When indoor air quality matters

Using a SEBO vacuum cleaner can contribute to positive Building Biology by removing harmful allergens (house dust mites, mould, pets and pet dander) and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) not to mention also keep your soft floor furnishing looking great for many years to come.

Not only do our vacuum cleaners clean the floor but they also enhance the air.  Only high-quality filter material is used in combination with an excellent sealed vacuum cleaner casing achieve the requirements of SEBO S-CLASS filtration

Vacuums with high-efficiency particulate air filtration trap the dirt you can’t see, rather than sending allergens back into the air. European manufacturers use the term S-CLASS on their models.

SEBO is a proud partner of the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® Program.

Better building biology vacuum cleaners:

Residential Homes Recommended Vacuums
Hard floors only (no rugs) SEBO E3 Komfort Barrel, SEBO E3 Premium BarrelSEBO Felix Premium UprightSEBO K3 Premium (CHOICE Recommended 2011-2021).

Ultra High Speed Floor Polisher (no chemicals or water required).
Carpet / Soft Floors SEBO E3 Premium Barrel, SEBO E1 Turbo BarrelSEBO X7 Automatic UprightSEBO Felix Premium Upright, SEBO K3 Premium Barrel (CHOICE Recommended 2011-2022), SEBO X4 and X5 Automatic.

SEBO Duo Dry Carpet Cleaner (WOOLSAFE Approved).
Commercial Premises Recommended Vacuums
Hard floors Ultra High Speed Floor Polisher (no chemicals or water required).
Carpet / soft floors SEBO D8 Barrel, SEBO G5 Upright, SEBO XP10 Upright, SEBO XP20 Upright, SEBO XP30 Upright, SEBO BS360 Upright, SEBO BS460 Upright, SEBO Dart 2 Upright.

SEBO Duo Dry Carpet Cleaner (WOOLSAFE Approved).