SEBO E3 Komfort Barrel Vacuum Cleaner

SEBO E3K wood
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SEBO E3K wood
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SEBO E3 Komfort barrel vacuum cleaner is ideal for homes which have majority hard floor surfaces (wood, tiles, hybrid, luxury vinyl planks) or delicate hand made rugs. The SEBO E Series is one of the only domestic vacuum cleaners that has a soft body lining to protect the walls of your home, combined with cleaning power that is simply unbeatable.

A versatile SEBO Deluxe Kombi Head, makes it suitable for hard floors and offering exceptional edge to edge professional cleaning performance.

Sensitive Choice® Approved Product.

Flooring Manufacturer Recommended.

Deluxe Kombi Floor Head

Deluxe Kombi Floor Head

Delicate hand made rugs and hard floors are covered with the Deluxe Kombi floor tool. The brush strip moves over tile grout smoothly. Simply shift the slider across and the brush strip can be raised allowing for small mats and handmade rugs to be surface cleaned easily. Ideal for luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and other hybrid floors.

Mattress Vacuuming

On Board Accessories

The extra long tapered hose and telescopic wand enables far reach to remove dust and debris. The Dusting, Crevice and Upholstery tools are located neatly and securely on the vacuum allowing quick and effortless above the floor cleaning e.g. mattress.

S-Class Filtration

SEBO S-Class Filtration

High quality, electrostatic charged micro-fibre material, attracts and captures dust particles and other airborne allergens such as mould spores, pet dander and dust mite faeces from the airflow. SEBO’s S-CLASS filtration is a sealed system recommended for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers – A Sensitive Choice® Approved Product.

Airbelt Bumper for Protection

Airbelt Bumper for Protection

The patented, 2-layer soft foam bumper with its durable covering protects your furniture and walls from from knocks and bumps. The one–of–a–kind Airbelt acts as a bumper guard. It also makes sure to expel the air very quietly.

Extra Long Electrical Hose

Extra Long Electrical Hose

The extra long electrical hose provides greater reach for vacuuming above the floor or hard to reach areas. Coupled with the extra long power cord ensures a greater cleaning radius can be achieved with maximum efficiency.

100% Pet Hair Pickup

Pet Hair Pick Up

E3 Komfort picks up debris such as hair, lint and threads from hard floors, furniture and fabrics. A combination of air flow and the Professional tools: SEBO Kombi, crevice, upholstery and dusting brush have your surfaces covered.

long vacuum cable

Long Power Cord

The extra long power cord bundled with the extra long hose gives the end user a very large cleaning radius with 100% power, 100% of the time.

Quiet vacuum Operation

Quiet Operation

Electronic finger tip suction control and one-of-a-kind Airbelt bumper ensures quiet operation of your SEBO vacuum. Allowing you to clean and not disturb those around you. Recommended for areas which require low decibel operation.

Hygienic Bag Disposal

Hygienic Bag Disposal

Top-fill, multi-layer bags are an integral part of SEBO’s filtration system because they ensure continuously strong suction as all dirt enters from the top, deposits at the bottom. Sealed when full, so no dust can escape into the air during bag removal. Recommended for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers – Sensitive  Choice® Approved 

Easy Stair Vacuuming

Easy Stair Vacuuming

Typically barrel vacuums can only operate on their tummy, however, the SEBO E Series Range can also operate on its ‘rear end’ using its rubber foot points ensuring trouble free stair positioning.

Ergonomic Power Control

Finger-tip Power Control

This ergonomic power control facility allows full control over the suction power of the E3 Komfort without having to bend down and adjust it. So you can decide how powerful you want to clean the upholstery furniture or how soft you want to clean the drapes.

Parquet Floor Head

Optional – Parquet Floor Head

High gloss hard floors, wood floors or irregular floor surfaces e.g. Slate. Available from the range of Optional Accessories, the SEBO Deluxe Parquet Floor Head is professional quality for the optimal care of your flooring investment. Floating brush strips for uneven surfaces and four rubber coated wheels – see here.


Colour Lava Red

Construction High Grade ABS

Cleaning range 10.8m

Filterbag volume 3.5l

Body weight 5.3kg

Suction motor 1200W

Castors 3

Motor protection Yes

Filterbag change indicator Yes

Electronic variable power Yes


Air-tight system Yes

Filtration S Class

Ultra-Bag Sealable. Electrostatic microfibre fleece


Crevice nozzle Yes

Upholstery tool Yes

Dusting brush Yes

Stair and Upholstery Turbo Brush Optional


SEBO Parquet Optional

Floor Turbo Brush Optional

ET-1, 175 watt power head No, but can be upgraded with add ons.

UHS Polishing Head No, but can be upgraded with add ons.


Cut Pile Soft Floors* Yes

Loop Pile Soft Floors* Yes

Hard floor* Yes


Carpet* Yes

Hard floor* Yes

Stairs and Upholstery* Yes

*This is a general guide only. Correct floor head/setting must be used. If in doubt please consult SEBO Customer Services or your flooring supplier.

Download Manual

Click on the videos below to learn how to use your E3 Komfort

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E Series Assembly: