Commercial Floor Care Maintenance

There are steps you can take to create a healthier indoor space by selecting sustainable products friendly to the environment. Reduce your water and chemical use with SEBO cleaners.

SEBO offers both hard and soft floor cleaning products that assist in creating a healthy indoor environment. Breathe cleaner, fresher air and potentially reduce allergic reactions or allergy-related asthma attacks with the Sensitive Choice Approved products below.

SEBO UHS Suction Polisher

Sensitive Choice approved logo

The innovative Dart 3 Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) Commercial Floor Polisher head connects to a variety of SEBO uprights and barrels for total flooring maintenance. The micro diamond floor pads creates a unique desired gloss effect on hard floor surfaces. This is optimal floor care, easy and without the use of chemicals.

SEBO Duo Dry Carpet Cleaner

Sebo duo dry carpet cleaner
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SEBO developed a powerful team to clean and rejuvenate soiled cut pile carpet. Featuring the Commercial SEBO Duo Applicator CRB Machine. Professionally clean coverings and cushions with SEBO DUO-P powder or the handy Spot Clean-Box with an integrated brush. No water required.