SEBO Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO ET1 & ET2 Power Brush


SEBO D8 Professional


Deluxe range of power brushes with unique 'Flex' neck provides outstanding cleaning results in tight spaces on both hard and soft flooring.


A more efficient barrel cleaning machine than ever before. Extra long cleaning range enables operators to get the job done. Robust stainless steel telescopic wand.


SEBO Professional G1 & G2

SEBO 370 & 470 Comfort

Lightweight and effective carpet care with essential features makes this vacuum cleaner perfect for a smaller operator.

Equipped with an electronic guidance system that supplies users with a more powerful vacuum cleaner than ever before.

SEBO Dart 1 & Dart 2

X Series

This vacuum cleaner is designed for congested areas where filtration and hygiene is paramount. Above the floor cleaning with on-board Accessories.

The X series of upright vacuum cleaners provide professional performance with brilliant ease of use. The Computer Control System ensures optimum performance automatically on both soft and hard floors. Asthma and Allergy friendly.

SEBO XP Automatic 1/2/3

Wide areas are not foreign territory for the XP3, simple one-pass cleaning. The Automatic XP 1/2/3 vacuum cleaners offer high performance filtration for improved indoor air quality.




Not only do our vacuum cleaners clean the floor but they also enhance the air. Find out why the filtering process of your dirt and dust is important. Read More...


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