SEBO AUSTRALIA does not manufacture, and as such the main priorities is reuse, recycle and reduce the various components that make up the SEBO vacuum cleaner for delivery in the box.

Wooden pallets are reused in the distribution system as well as supplied to other companies for use within their distribution system.
Paper and cardboard is either shredded and used for packaging or recycled.
For recycling your end of life vacuum cleaner, the retailer who sells you a replacement machine will be able to help and advise you or contact your local council or alternatively visit

The manufacturing plant in Germany is designed with the environment in mind. A combined heat and power system recovers virtually 100% of its primary energy source. Self-sustaining with regards to electricity, warm air created by its generators is used to heat the warehouse while engine coolant is pumped through the office radiators.
Part of the design brief of a SEBO vacuum cleaner is to ensure that it will pack into the smallest possible carton, built to last and is in the forefront of technology that reduces the carbon footprint.
Plastic is recycled into new components. Most SEBO packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard.