SEBO Floorcare Guide

Carpet Care

Types of Carpet

There are many types of carpet, generally though falling into one of two types, cut pile or loop pile. These are made from either wool or man-made fibres such as polypropylene or nylon or mixtures of fibre types. Fitted carpets made of sisal, or similar, are also available. It is important that you are aware of the carpet type/s you have, as this can have major implications for care and maintenance.

Cut Pile

Cut is a type of carpet which has been sheared so that the tips of the fibres form the surface, rather like upright bits of string. There are variations like twist and velvet (or velour). For durability, ease of cleaning and keeping its appearance, twist pile carpet is generally considered the best, which probably explains its popularity! It can be vacuumed by any type of vacuum cleaner, but an upright will bring up the pile most effectively. Velvet carpets (and to a lesser extent Saxony) can look beautiful, but have the disadvantage of showing footprints and vacuum cleaner tracks, etc.

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Loop Pile

The surface is formed of upright loops and can be one of the most appealing looking carpets, but can also require careful maintenance. Because it is looped the edge of the fibre forms the surface, so wear can affect its light reflection properties and it can absorb stains more easily. Wool loop demands the most care. Typically manufacturers advise to vacuum with a suction only feature as brush action may cause it to fluff up forming a fuzzy surface, which is known as pilling.

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Delicate Carpets

However, with some very delicate wool loop carpets even the Velcro ‘lint picker’ on a combination head can cause pilling. If you are considering purchasing this type of carpet, please establish its suitability for the area to be fitted and type of vacuum cleaner you want to use. A delicate floor brush roller is available for SEBO uprights and barrels which may be suitable.

Delicate Brush Roller

Delicate Brush Roller